Saturday, January 12, 2013

WORKSHEET - Final Revision – the 6th class - L1

I. Let’s review our textbook. Do you remember these names?

     a) the private investigator in your book →
     b) the missing persons in your lessons →
     c) the boss of Munch Restaurant →
d) the false identity taken by Bert →
e) the unemployed who became a runner →
f) the girl who must be home by 11 →
g) the boy who couldn’t live without his trainers →
h) the psychic who used to bend spoons →
i) the wildest woman in the West →
j) the blind and deaf girl from Alabama  

II. Match these words in pairs of antonyms:

1.     light                                   a) young
2.     rich                                    b) life
3.     straight                              c) answer
4.     old                                     d) dark
5.     empty                                e) poor
6.     day                                    f) full
7.     question                            g) expensive
8.     death                                 h) night
9.     noise                                  i) curly
              10) cheap                                 j) silence

III. Are these sentences true or false? Underline the wrong word in each false sentence, write after the arrow “T” for “True” and “F” for “False” and then add in bracket the correct word instead of the wrong one.

1) Andy and Paul from “Munch” were in love with Melanie. →
2) Martha Seyka couldn’t live without her rucksack. →
3) Carol was Gerald Croiset’s daughter. →
4) Bill Hickok was murdered by Mayank Patel. →
5) The life line is often difficult to see in many palms. →
6) Captain Arthur Keller contacted the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston.  
7) Larry, a reporter for his school, interviewed rock star Morgan Robertson. →
8) The Baxters’ dog, Fozzie, was dead in the house with ghosts. →
9) An eye-witnes has written a police statement about the girl knocked down by a lorry. →
10) The Amish children’s schooling ends after the twelfth grade. →

IV. One of the nouns in these rows of words doesn’t go with the others.  
      Do you know which is it? Underline each of odds.

1.     squirrel, tiger, hare, apricot, monkey, lion;
2.     twenty, strong, angry, famous, kind, lazy;
3.     to look, to count, to visit, to play, to talk, to go;
4.     brown, pink, summer, green, white, yellow;
5.     nephew, cousin, husband, uncle, jacket, daughter;
6.     wizard, queen, hero, son, soldier, grandfather.

Explain oral your choice using the model:

………………….. is a/an ……………….. . The others are …………………

V. Arrange the words in order to make sentences. Each row of pupils will form a workgroup. You can choose a chief to announce the teacher when you are ready. Come in turns in front of the classroom with your cards in order to see your sentences.

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