Saturday, January 12, 2013

Module 3 - Step 2.1 - the advantages and disadvantages of different student groupings to make the lesson more efficient and successful

Whole-class grouping
- Creates sense of belonging among the group members.
- This is suitable for activities where teacher wanted to be in control.
- It helps students to have interactions with each other.
- It helps the teacher to have attention of the class.
- Its arrangement is quicker and easier.
- It can be off-putting to  shy students, who do not want to speak or perform in front of the whole class.
- It does not provide opportunities to all the students to speak.
Group work
- Personal problems are less problematic as compared to pair work.
- Students are able to choose their level of participation.
- Like pair work it increases the student talk time and student to student interaction.
- This also encourages students to negotiate and talk in English.
- It can take longer to organize groups and get started.
- Sometimes it is very noisy.
- The exchange of ideas among the group members can slow down the activity.
- Some group members can be more dominant, while passive students don't get enough opportunities to participate.
Pair work
- It helps teacher to work with certain pair while others can do their own work.
- The students can express freely their ideas before putting them to the whole class.
- Here stronger students can help weaker students very effectively.
- Here all the students have enough talking time and allows greater student to student interaction.
- This gives the students to share responsibility for work and share the burden of others.
- This is easy and quick to organize.
- It is sometimes noisy and students can start talking in their native languages.
- Some students may not like to work with their partner.
- Some students just communicate with the teacher and they do not communicate with their partners.
Solo work
- This gives the teacher the opportunity to address the individual problems of the students.
- This is less stressful for students as they do not have to perform in front of the class.
- This helps to build the confidence of the students and make them self-reliant.
- This reduces the possibilities of student to student relationship.
- This may sometimes take long hours to complete the activity.

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