Sunday, January 13, 2013

Module 13 Step 2.1 - Individual work

What do you think are the benefits of preparing lesson plans?

Lesson planning produces many valuable benefits:

-         evoke some sort of pupil reaction,then teachers decide  whether to continue with the plan or to modify it as they go along;
-         helps the teacher work with confidence;
-         keeps the teachers and the pupils on track;
-         enable an observer evaluating the teaching to make that assessment against criteria that teachers have decided themselves;
-         helps the teacher meet the objectives;
-         anticipate potential problems;
-         enhances pupils’ achievement;
-         provide the road map and visuals in a logical sequence;
-         helps the teachers avoid unpleasant surprises;
-         encourages reflection and improvement;
-         provides guidance for a substitute teacher helps the teacher teach with confidence;
-         enables teachers to think logically through the content of the lesson before the lesson itself and prepare material and aids;
-         help teachers clarify the end point they intend to reach and also  
     set them free to go towards that point in the most appropriate  
     ways in class.  

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